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When is the application deadline for undergraduate studies in the UK?

The primary deadline for submission of applications is the 15th of January of the year for which you intend to claim admission for.


If you miss the deadline is there a chance to apply?

Yes! The second deadline for applications until the end of June even though you will not be assessed unless there are places still available at the course you are applying to.


Can I study in the UK without having a diploma in English language (IGCSE, IELTS)?

No! 99% of UK universities require a diploma of your competence in the English Language. More specifically admission to preparatory programs of study (Foundation) requires proof of English proficiency.


Are the universities in the UK going to charge tuition fees?

Yes, there are fees ranging from £ 7.000 - £ 9.000 per year but are fully covered by the student loan which is provided by the British Government to European students upon their request. Situation defers in Scotland and Wales. Scottish universities will charge tuition fees up to £1.820 which for European students is covered by their government as a bursary. In Wales fees are the same as in England but you may claim a loan up to £3.575 and the remaining amount will be covered by the Welsh government as a Grant for European students.


What is the duration of undergraduate courses in the UK?

The normal duration of undergraduate study in England is three years. If a student chooses to study for the Preparatory Programme (Foundation) first then the study is going to be for four years. Undergraduate degrees in Scotland also last for 4 years.


What are the entry requirements to study in another European country outside the UK?

Most European countries require a very good knowledge of the official language of the country and the High School Diploma (Apolytirion) which includes modules related to the field in which the candidate will apply.


When is the application deadline for graduate study in the UK?

The application deadlines for graduate studies in the UK vary. Deadlines depend on the popularity of the courses and fields and each university set its own deadlines for postgraduate studies. Some universities accept applications till the end of summer. 

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