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Accommodation in the UK
There are many different options for accommodation during your studies in the United Kingdom. More specifically:
Private and University Student Halls of Residence
In most cases universities offer the opportunity the students to stay in university halls and in most cases this is guaranteed for at least the first year of their studies. Application needs to be submitted on time.
If the University is unable to provide the student with the type of accommodation of his choice or for any other reason the student does not wish to apply for it, then there is an alternative option to stay in Private Halls of Residence in each city or to find a House or apartment if they wish. 
In the Halls of Residence students usually have the opportunity to choose between:
a) Accommodation in apartments with other students (4-6 usually) sharing kitchen and living room while bathroom and toilet facilities are private (en-suite rooms).
b) Accommodation in apartments with students (usually 4-6) with shared facilities (kitchen and bathroom).
c) Stay in their own apartment (studio). Choosing this type of accommodation students live alone in a single room with a small kitchenette and private bathroom.
Cost of accommodation
The cost of accommodation in student university halls varies depending on the type of residence the applicant selects and the city in which they will live.

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