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  • Completion of UCAS applications (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland).
  • Registration in private schools abroad to learn a foreign language. Accommodation arrangements in a suitable location. 
  • Registration at universities in Europe, Australia, America, Africa and Asia (UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Australia, South Africa and Russia) for undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Management of electronic mail and constant information of any changes on your application.
  • Sending required documents to Universities.
  • Instructions for writing a personal note (personal statement, motivation letter) and editing of it.
  • Guidance on the format and content of reference letters.
  • Arrangement of accommodation in Halls of Residence (University and Private).
  • Complete and send a European Student Loan Application (only for undergraduate studies in the United Kingdom).
  • CV Editing.
  • Contacting universities whenever necessary.
  • Mentoring and preparing for telephone or online (skype) interviews with the Universities.
  • Valid information for the recognition of study by professional associations (ETEK, Association of Psychologists, Cyprus Dietetic and Nutririon Association, etc.)
Additional Services:
  • Translation of documents by approved translator. 
  • Briefing for scholarships.
  • Completed applications for European Student Loan renewal.
  • Meet with other students of the same university.
  • Informative lectures on the life and studying in foreign universities.
  • Guidance for student residence permit issues in countries outside the EU (VISA) or for students requiring VISA to enter the UK.
  • Apostil services.

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