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Our qualified guidance counsellors in our office offer excellent counselling and guidance to people of all ages depending on their needs. In more detail:
High school
  • Guidance for selecting GCE A'Levels.
       A' and B' Class of Lyceum:
  • Guidance for selecting the most suitable combination of modules according to the inclinations, interests and abilities of the student.
  • Up to date information on the conditions for admission to universities in Cyprus and abroad to ensure adequate preparation.
       C’ Class of Lyceum and High School Graduates
  • Information and guidance on the appropriate fields of study according to the skills and interests of the student and in accordance to the needs of the labour market.
  • Help in completing the ‘Michanografiko’ (application-university request procedure) for studies in Universities and Technical colleges in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Information on the criteria for admission in universities abroad both for preparatory programs (Foundations) and undergraduate courses (Degrees).
  • Individualized and specialized research and suitable selection of Universities based on candidate's qualifications and not based on representation of Universities since our mission is to represent the student. 
Undergraduate Students
  • Tips for choosing the correct university direction (electives at University).
  • Research and information for a suitable postgraduate program.
  • Counselling on Careers according to the first degree in combination with the labour market needs.
  • Tips for selecting and taking advantage of the first study, qualifications and skills. 
Graduate Students
  • Guidance for selecting research topic (PhD).
  • Information on employment prospects.
  • Guidance on the process of finding work.
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